How To Prepare How To Survive A Long-Term Or Catastrophic Power Outage Or Blackout How To Survive
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How To Survive A Long-Term Power Outage
You Will Need An Energy Source
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Why Will You Need An Energy Source?

Power Grid

Battery Bank

Because without an energy source, our world comes to an instant halt. There will be no refrigeration, laundry washing, lighting, motion detectors, security cameras, internet, computers, cell phones, televisions or any other device or appliance that requires batteries or electricity. Our survival depends on electricity and fuels such as gas, oil, and propane.

In the event of a long-term or catastrophic power outage, you will need a source of energy to replace the loss of electricity from the grid and fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and propane. Gas and propane stations will be closed, oil will no longer be delivered.

Gas and propane type backup generators will eventually run out of fuel. A Generac home battery type backup will last for a day or two or until the batteries are dead.

When the power grid fails, the only reliable energy replacement option is a solar system with a 12v, 24v, or 48v battery bank. The available energy will be limited to the size or capacity of the battery bank, but a solar system will continue to provide electricity every day for up to 25 years or more.

Our best choices for solar batteries are Renogy | HQST | Eco-Worthy | AcoPower | EcoFlow | Amazon.

Heating systems will not run without electricity no matter whether your fuel is heating oil, natural gas, propane or obviously, electricity. Like most modern appliances, your furnace needs some amount of electricity to power the components, like electronic ignition, to operate. Whether you have an older furnace with a gas pilot or a newer system that uses electronic ignition, there's no way to keep a furnace running without any means of power. Unfortunately, this means that your furnace will not work during a power outage. You should learn how to safeguard your furnace for those times when the power goes out. A small solar system with battery backup will run your non electric heater until the fossil fuel is depleted.

A solar system kit or portable solar generator kit appears to be the only real energy source solution that will help provide reliable unlimited long-term energy from the sun. And, a wood stove or fireplace might be the only source of cooking food and boiling water, and heat during the cold winter months. Therefore, a wood shed and plenty of seasoned firewood is always a good idea.

Think of a solar system as prepaid electricity and self-reliance rather than an expense. At minimum, you will need a solar system kit or portable solar generator kit that includes a solar panel, charge controller, battery, and inverter to charge AA, AAA, C, D, and 9v rechargeable batteries to power your essential devices. Rechargeable batteries will become more valuable than gold.

Tenergy Centura Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

Rechargeable NiMH AA, AAA, C, D, and 9v batteries will power most of your essential devices. Alkaline and lithium 1.5v type batteries will eventually lose their charge and become useless. Choosing the right rechargeable batteries to fit your needs can be tricky and confusing. Our research and experience in rechargeable batteries has caused us to purchase and stock Tenergy Centura NiMH rechargeable batteries to provide us the battery power needed for all of our essential devices for years. Despite the hype, lithium batteries are dangerous, they explode.

We also purchased the MaximalPower FC999 Universal Rapid Charger to restore rechargeable RAM, Ni-MH, Ni-CD, AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries. This battery charger can help restore alkaline batteries as well. And, the EBL Smart Battery Charger for C, D, AA, AAA, 9V, Ni-MH, and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries with discharge function and LCD display.

Tip: 3 AA to 1 D battery adapters and 4 AAA to 1 C battery adapters can be used in place of C and D battery types when C and D batteries are not available.

Typical Solar System Starter Kit

Solar System Kit

ECO-WORTHY 100-200 Watt
Complete Solar System Starter Kit

Complete Solar Panel Kit With Battery And Inverter

A Complete Solar Panel Kit is a combination of one or more solar panels bundled with solar panel mounts, a charge controller, a battery, an inverter and all necessary wires and connectors needed to quickly and easily assemble and operate a solar energy generating system - a plug and play solar system. Depending on your energy requirement, determines how many solar panels and solar batteries, and size of charge controller and inverter is needed.

Newcomers who want to experiment with or transition to solar energy will find these solar panel starter kits appealing and easy to use. These DIY self-installation solar panel starter kits eliminate the guesswork and the middleman. Some energy is better than no energy at all.

Tip: Select a solar system slightly larger than what you think you will need in electricity. A solar system that is expandable and can grow with you is a good choice. You will not be sorry later.

Four Basic Solar System Components

  1. Solar Panels: Solar panels are those devices which are used to absorb the sun's rays and convert the rays into (DC) electricity. Solar panels absorb the sun's rays on full or partly sunny days, cloudy days, and rainy days, but not on foggy days. And, they absorb the sun's rays when pointed upward (at an angle) to the south, east, west, or straight up, but not pointed north. Best results are achieved when pointed upward and south and on sunny days.

  2. Solar Charge Controller: A solar charge controller or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep solar batteries from overcharging and maintain the batteries in good health and fully charged.

  3. Solar 12v Deep Cycle Batteries: Solar 12v deep cycle batteries are the type of batteries used to store energy generated from a solar system. A battery bank is one to several 12v deep cycle batteries used to provide electricity to loads as DC electricity. A battery bank is the core item in a solar system used for energy storage. Devices like an inverter, 12v light bulb lamp, and 12v fan can be powered by 12v batteries. Batteries can be chained or connected to each other to accomodate 24v, 36v, or 48v systems.
    Universal Power Group UB12350 U1 12V 35AH SLA Battery

  4. Solar Inverter: A solar inverter is another important piece of equipment in a solar system. An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) electricity, which is what solar panels generate and solar batteries store, to alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what the power grid and all of your appliances use for electricity. The inverter is connected to your battery bank with two wires. Then just plug your AC appliances into the inverter like a generator or wall socket.

Note: The position of the sun changes throughout the year affecting solar collection and weather temperature does affect battery performance. Summer is best and winter is worst for solar energy collection and storage. When determining solar panel and battery capacity for your needs, step it up a bit, you won't be sorry!

Tips: Purchase your solar system equipment or components during holidays and seasonal specials and search for discount codes for a significant discount. A complete plug and play solar system is almost always more affordable than buying the solar equipment or components separately. Most solar product vendors sell the same products slightly changing the appearance and charging more or less for the same product. Shop around.

Our best choices for solar system products are Renogy | HQST | Eco-Worthy | AcoPower | EcoFlow | Amazon.

Portable Solar Generators

Portable Solar Generators

A portable solar generator works by collecting solar energy through solar panels (DC power) and then storing that energy into a built-in solar battery.

A built-in inverter then converts that battery (DC power) energy into alternating current (AC power) before it is released for use in home appliances and other electrical devices.

Very similar to a traditional generator except the fuel is the sun rather than gas or propane. With a portable solar generator there is no noise, no toxic fumes and the solar generator can be located inside your home near the appliances without long cords traveling through your home.

The cost for a portable solar generator is slightly higher than the cost of a similar capable solar system and a solar system is about the same cost as a traditional fuel type generator.

A portable solar generator like the Renogy LYCAN 5000 Power Box or the ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Portable Home Battery are expandable portable power stations that can power a home or cabin with ease by adding as many solar panels and add-on batteries as needed.

Tip: Select a portable solar generator that is expandable where a second portable solar generator can be connected to the first generator or batteries (pods) can be added to increase or double or triple overall performance. A portable solar generator that meets your electricity needs and is expandable so it can grow with you is a good choice. You will not be sorry later.

Our best choice for a portable solar generators is Renogy.

Wind Turbine Generators

Wind Turbine Generators

A wind turbine generator works exactly like a solar panel kit and solar generator except that the energy source is wind rather than the sun. A wind turbine and solar panels can be combined to create energy when the sun shines and the wind blows.

The disadvantage of a wind turbine is that wind is required to generate electricity. The advantage is that the wind can generate electricity 24 hours a day and does not require any sunshine.

400W Wind Turbine Generator - VEVOR 12V/AC turbine kit 400w wind power generator with mppt controller. Battery and inverter not included, but easily added to an existing solar panel system.

500W Solar And Wind Power Kit - ECO-WORTHY 500w solar and wind power kit home off-grid system for charging 12V batteries. Includes: 100ah lithium battery + 400w wind turbine generator and charge controller + 100w mono solar panel + 600w inverter.

Other Useful Devices

Reliance Controls THP108 Know exactly when utility power is restored following an outage.
Reliance Controls THP207M Power failure light w/alarm will light up or sound an alarm or both when the utility power fails.
12v Light Fixtures and 12v Light Bulbs and 12v Car Fans and 12v Televisions and 12v Appliances.

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