How To Prepare How To Survive A Long-Term Or Catastrophic Power Outage Or Blackout How To Survive
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How To Survive A Long-Term Power Outage
You Will Need A Defense Plan
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So, what can we really expect in a catastrophic power outage?

Day one: Cities are hit the hardest - Thousands are trapped in elevators, all electrical appliances are shut down and inoperative, including refrigerators, freezers, heating units, air conditioners, water faucets run dry, because there is no water, toilets no longer flush, ATM machines are inoperative, banks and other businesses are shuttered, emergency generators provide pockets of power and light but, for the most part, there is profound darkness everywhere, battery-powered radios and cell phones still operate, but there is no word as to the cause or scale of the power outage, gas stations without generators cannot pump fuel.

Day two: Confusion and panic reigns - Drugstores and supermarkets have been stripped clean of all goods, law enforcement personnel are overwhelmed by medical emergencies and scattered outbreaks of looting, batteries on laptops and cell phones are dying, radio updates offer conflicting descriptions of the outage and there is no credible news relative to the expected duration. Officials disagree as to whether residents should find shelter or evacuate (but to where?). Roads, bridges and tunnels are backed up for hours.

Day three: No gas, no water, and no food - All gas stations have run out of fuel, water is at a premium, FEMA has provided emergency generators to pump water and keep sewage systems operational, but supplies are limited, millions of "Meals Ready to Eat" have been distributed, backup food and water supplies do not exist.

End of week one: You are on your own - Emergency rations have been depleted, hundreds of the elderly have died, hundreds of thousands of refugees have migrated to areas where there still is power, unequipped to house or feed them, some states have instituted plans to keep the refugees out, only the military can maintain a semblance of order and there are not enough troops to go around, millions of people are, essentially, on their own. Riots and looting breaks out everywhere.

Week two and beyond: Board up the windows and protect yourself from looters and thugs - With no end in sight, hiding and defending your goods is a full time job and a number one priority, law enforcement personnel are abandoning their post in order to secure their own families, like-minded neighbors band together to do inventory of resources and exchange goods via barter, neighbors canvass each other for skills that can be put to good use for the collective good, stockpiled food is rationed to the minimum amount needed to maintain necessary caloric levels, hunting, fishing and foraging for food begins and stored goods begin to dwindle, FEMA is nowhere to be found, electronic armageddon?

Why will I need a defense plan?

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In the event of a catastrophic or long-term power outage, you will need a defense plan to protect your food, water, essential equipment, supplies, and you and your loved ones from those who did not plan or prepare for a serious disaster. Within weeks, possibly days, this country will be divided into two classes of people, the hunters and the hunted. The hunters will come to take everything the hunted have for themselves at any cost. Therefore, part of your defense plan should be to become invisible, including no loud generator or unnecessary noise, lighting or motions to attract attention.

A group of disaster planning neighbors or friends should organize and even gather together in one place to make a stand to survive the wave of others who will come for your food, water, equipment and supplies. Beware, intruders and thieves might "appear" as friendly. Do not be fooled or you too could become a hunter. Lock your doors, secure your parameter, and trust nobody - show no sympathy for the unprepared, they will betray you. Eventually, the first wave of panicking individuals or groups will pass. This will be your test to see if your plan is working. But, get prepared for the second, and hopefully last, wave of even more desperate individuals or groups. Unfortunately, most good people will not pass the survival test and will fail to survive just because of trust, kindness and sympathy. All that preparation for nothing!

What is the importance of security surveillance and alarms?

To survive and protect, you will need 24 hour surveillance of your home or place of refuge. At least one or more persons should be on watch at all times for intruders and thieves. They will come. A good watch dog or two would be priceless as an early warning system.

A PhoenixM2 Camera Security System installed outside of your home can alarm, display, and record suspicious activity around your home. Beware of your surroundings at all times and while resting or before you exit your home. You will need to sleep and perform meaningful tasks or go outside for different reasons. A security camera system requires an energy source which can be provided by a small solar system with battery backup.

Motion Sensor Alarms Or Driveway Alarms

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Simple motion sensor alarms or driveway alarms, like an Ideal Motion Sensor, are affordable and come in several types and are used to alert you when motion is detected. When an intruder is lurking around, an alarm can sound to let you know you might have trouble. Motion sensor alarms can allow you to rest, relax with confidence, and even save your life. Some are programmable with different tunes for different zones.

Motion sensor alarms are battery operated, affordable and likely one of the best defense devices against intruders and thieves and should be a very high priority in your defense plan. Unlike security cameras, motion alarms will operate on disposable or rechargeable household batteries.

Perimeter trip wire alarms are used to alert you well in advance of intruders further away from you but heading in your direction and can sometimes cause the intruder to leave the area.

Whistles can be used to signal and alert people in your group with different whistle tunes or notes.

Be aware, in some cases deadly force may be necessary to survive. If you do not know how to use weapons for self defense purposes, you should start learning now. Learning on the job, is not recommended.

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Motion Sensors And Driveway Alarms Pepper Spray

Things you will need in a long-term power outage:

Walkie Talkies

  1. Alarms: motion sensor alarms | trip wire alarms | whistles

  2. Surveillance: night vision security camera systems | binoculars | monoculars

  3. Weapons: pepper spray | stun gun | taser pulse | bow and crossbow | machete | spear | knife | slingshot rifle | firearm(s) and ammunition

  4. Restraints: handcuffs | zip ties

  5. Communication: Two-way radio or walkie talkie | CB or HAM radio | NOAA weather radio

  6. TV antenna for local emergency broadcasting

  7. Low wattage TV or rechargeable portable TV or 12 volt TV

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Note: If self defense does become an issue, your defense plan will be more aggressive and complete and likely to succeed with the help of a small solar system with battery backup.

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