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Emergency Food Suppliers For Short And Long Term Emergencies

If the last few years have taught us anything, being prepared for emergency situations can make all the difference in how comfortable we will survive in a disastrous or emergency situation. And one thing that is essential to any disaster or emergency is having a reliable food supply. Emergency food supply kits have become more mainstream as many Americans aim to proactively protect their family from the unexpected.

If you thought survival food kits were only for extreme adventurists and doomsday preppers, you might be surprised to learn that emergency food supply kits are increasing in popularity among the general population. That is probably because they can provide peace of mind for anyone who lives anywhere where natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, wildfires, and even a catastrophic power grid failure or attack are a possibility. Those who experience frequent or lengthy power outages, or who live in food deserts can also benefit from having a stash of easy-to-prepare, nutrient-dense foods with shockingly long shelf lives on hand.

Remember the covid incident, the emergency food suppliers ran out of product where prices doubled and tripled overnight. Some of their websites were shut down with no product available and future orders were delayed for months.

Preparing and knowing which of these emergency food kits is best for your needs depends upon many factors. Do you need emergency food supplies for just you or for your family as well? Are you OK with foods that require hot water for preparation, or would you prefer to not have to rely on hot water or a heat source? Do you prefer canned food or freeze dried options? Will you have enough emergency food stored for your other family members, friends and neighbors that will surely be hammering on your door as soon as they experience hunger devastation?

Note: Do not be alarmed or discouraged with the price of short or long-term emergency food cost. Emergency food is carefully special processed in factories to last a very long time in storage which will affect and inflate the final cost of the food compared to your local grocery store prices. This purchase is a prepaid investment that will feed you in your future in the event of a disaster situation or catastrophic event. Emergency food is best to buy in bulk for significant savings. Your stockpile of emergency food can be used to feed anybody anytime for up to 25 years or so and can occasionally feed anybody along the way to supplement your grocery cost if needed. We frequently eat away at our emergency food supply and gradually replace our supples with food varieties that we found most delightful.

Augason Farms

When you are preparing for the unexpected, three essentials come to mind: Food, water and shelter. Augason Farms can help you check two of those boxes with their expansive selection of nonperishable emergency meals and snacks, plus top-rated drinking water pouches and water treatment products.

For more than 50 years, Augason Farms has been a trusted name in the survival food industry. The company's robust selection of high-quality, budget-friendly emergency food kits and a la carte meals and snacks, plus water pouches and water treatment options, make it a popular pick among extreme adventurists and survivalists nationwide.

Truth is, Augason Farms is our top pick and go to place for emergency food. Besides price, nutrition, and taste, we like the individual #10 cans to make our own custom meals rather than meals already prepared. We were impressed with Augason Farms food quality, taste, and massive variety of fruits, vegetables, breads, eggs, pancakes and more. You really have to try Augason Farms scrambled or white eggs and variety of pancake mixes.

My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply is one of the best-known emergency food suppliers, and their food is consistently less expensive than other long-term food storage options. But, how does it taste? Does this emergency food kit have enough calories to keep you satisfied? If you are going to store emergency food, it is incredibly important to test it ahead of time, both to learn how it tastes and learn how to cook it.

My Patriot Supply is one of the most inexpensive emergency food options on the market. I was pleasantly surprised with their food's taste and good flavor and how easy their food was to cook.

My Patriot Supply's portions are larger than many emergency food brands, and they contain a minimum of 2,000 calories per day. Add in 25-year shelf life and space-saving packaging, and this is a great option to keep on a shelf in the back closet for the next emergency. Unlike other emergency food companies, My patriot supply does not just sell emergency food. They try to be your one-stop-shop for stocking your emergency kit including survival vegetable seeds. They specialize in food, but they also offer high-quality gear. You should always start by checking their "deal of the day" page where they feature a different product each day, and they are usually half off.

My Patriot Supply also offers: cooking gear and survival tools, stoves, fuel, and lighters, power generation and lighting, water filtration, first aid and medical kits, and survival books.

Survival Frog

No longer just for survivalists and outdoor extremists, having a reserve of essential supplies at your disposal is critical for being self-sufficient and prepared in any emergency situation. From energy products to clean drinking water and especially food, there are plenty of companies making it easier to expand your stockpile with everything you need. Survival Frog stands out for providing one of the largest selections of preparedness products and outdoor gear available.

Founded on the belief that everyone should have at least a 72-hour supply of the essentials on hand just in case, Survival Frog is quickly gaining traction as a one-stop shopping hub for all things survival, which appeals to both beginners and seasoned survival preppers alike. Survival Frog offers one of the largest inventories of survival gear and goods, from tools to shelters, to heat and power sources, bug out bags, and most importantly, food and clean water supplies.

As one of the most basic necessities we need, Survival Frog puts extra emphasis on their food and water supply section, featuring hundreds of meal choices within three main categories: protein-packed canned meat, nutrient-dense survival food bars, or freeze-dried meals. Most of these foods are specially packaged to last up to 25 years and are easy to prepare with minimal to no effort-so you and your loved ones can weather any storm without going hungry.

Legacy Food Storage

When it comes to emergency survival food, Legacy Food Storage offers some of the best value for the money when buying in bulk. Legacy Food Storage specializes in providing high-quality, long-lasting emergency survival food. Whether you are preparing for natural disasters, camping trips or any unexpected situation, Legacy Food Storage produces a range of food types in different quantities to meet your needs.

One of the standout features of Legacy Food Storage is their commitment to using only the finest ingredients. Legacy Food Storage sell non-GMO products with no artificial additives, ensuring a healthier and tastier experience for customers. Additionally, their freeze-drying and dehydration process maintains the food has original flavors and nutrients, making it a cut above the rest in terms of taste and quality.

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials ( provides a wide range of emergency supplies to prepare you for unexpected challenges, outdoor crisis situations, and natural disasters. You can choose from food and survival kits, water and air purification tools, fire and fuel products, lights and powered gear, and essential medical supplies.


When camping, exploring, and surviving food is an essential resource for keeping your energy levels high, and having access to nutritious options that are easy to make and still taste good is the ultimate goal. Thankfully 4Patriots checks off all of these boxes, and their emergency food kits are a top choice for tasty meals that will not go bad. Stored in durable, waterproof bins that are simple to stack and store, the emergency food kits from 4Patriots are one of the main products they sell and they are available to purchase in long-term kits, specialty bundles, or even individual packages for those who want more control over the recipes they receive. Covering all of your essential meals, plus snacks and drinks, 4Patriots consistently provides tasty, shelf-stable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that require only a few minutes to make and are perfect for any situation.

Best Emergency Food Supply Companies

Best Food for Emergency Supply

The best types of emergency foods should meet the following criteria: They have a long shelf life, they do not require refrigeration or much preparation, and they provide a lot of calories and nutrition in every serving. There are some foods that naturally meet these criteria-foods like canned beans and soups, dried pasta, nuts and nut butters, and tuna fish. But, they are not your only options. Emergency food supply companies offer a variety of different types of foods so you can stay satisfied and strong in times of crisis or food shortage.

Some of the most common types of foods included in emergency supply kits, and the best options for each:

Ready-to-Eat Meal Packs

The "meat and potatoes" of most emergency food supply kits are MREs, or "Meals Ready to Eat." These are complete meals that often come in individual pouches, which require little to no preparation. Soups, stews and chilis, pasta and rice and bean dishes, oatmeal and pancakes are some common MREs sold by emergency food supply providers. Often, these meals come in large buckets and can be purchased in bulk according to your needs-most companies offer a selection of short- and long-term options. The survival company 4Patriots, for example, sells a variety of kits featuring various quantities of non-perishable breakfasts, lunches and dinners to cover customers anywhere from 72 hours all the way up to one full year. The meals are easy to prepare-at most, you will need to boil some of them before they are served, but that can be done on a campfire if an oven is not accessible. And they taste surprisingly delicious. Some example meals include America's Finest Mac and Cheese, Cozy Potato Soup, Cowboy Rice and Beans, Black Bean Burger Mix, Dinner Bell Broccoli Bake and Buttermilk Pancake Mix.

Some companies even offer emergency meal kits designed to accommodate special dietary needs like organic and gluten-free MREs, and Legacy Food Storage offers a wide variety of vegetarian-friendly dishes.

Canned Food

Canned beans, soups, pastas, veggies and fruits make excellent emergency food since they typically have extremely long shelf lives and do not require much preparation. Canned meats are another great option since they are easy to prepare but also provide a good amount of calories, protein and nutrition. One of the best canned food providers is Survival Frog, which sells BPA-free cans of high quality, all-natural USA meats with no added fillers, preservatives, growth hormones or chemicals. All of their survival canned food is gluten-and dairy-free, and they are made with two simple ingredients, meat and sea salt. They offer a wide variety of proteins, including beef, ground beef hamburger, chicken, turkey and pork, and they are made to last-all of which have a 25-year shelf life.

Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Food

Freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and veggies are an important addition to any emergency food supply. Not only can they add a lot of flavor, they can also help ensure you get the vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in other emergency food supply products, like vitamin C, iron, antioxidants, potassium and fiber. Survival brand Legacy Food Storage offers an excellent assortment of dehydrated and freeze dried fruits, all of which have a 10- to 15-year shelf life. The companies sell bags of pineapple, strawberries, peaches, apples, bananas and blueberries. You can purchase individual bags (each contains 25 servings), or you can opt for their Fruit Assortment Variety Pack, which includes a bag of each flavor. Legacy Food Storage also offers a variety of freeze dried vegetables like corn, green beans, carrots, broccoli and instant mashed potatoes. Like the fruits, these can be purchased individually or in an assortment pack.

Augason Farms is also an excellent choice for freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and veggies. The company offers an expansive selection of produce that includes many options other companies do not offer, like mango and raspberries, bell peppers and spinach. Most of Augason Farms's food products are available in #10 cans to feed a lot of people for a long time. In addition, Augason Farms offers a variety of small to very large package deals with a variety of favorite foods in #10 cans where you cans save a lot of money buying in bulk.

Produce is not the only kind of food that can be eaten in dehydrated form. Some companies sell freeze dried meats, too. Valley Food Storage, for example, sells USDA inspected freeze dried meat that has all the same nutrition you would expect from fresh meat-you just add water. Ready Wise is another great option for freeze dried emergency foods that even sells freeze dried coffee.

Best Tasting Emergency Food Supply Kits

Of course, the best tasting emergency food boils down to personal preference. But, there are two great ways to get an idea of how a specific brand of emergency food tastes: Check out customer reviews and try a sample if possible. We highly recommend that you try samples from many food suppliers before you decide to purchase any significant quantity of emergency food that you plan to store. If and when the time arrives, you do want your planning and investment to taste delicious.

Augason Farms, which offers family-favorite recipes like rice and beans, macaroni and cheese, stews, spaghetti, black bean burgers, eggs, deserts, buttermilk pancakes and oatmeal, has many reviews where the majority are positive-with a lot of positive feedback regarding the taste of their food. And I can contest to that opinion. Ninety five percent of our personal emergency food supply is Augason Farms, not all taste buds are alike.

Brands like Legacy Food Storage offer freeze dried sample meal packs including lunch and dinner entries, breakfasts, sides, drinks and more. These are not free, but they are significantly cheaper than some of the larger kits, and enable you to taste the food before committing to a longer-term product.

Best Emergency Food Supply Kits by Duration

While most experts recommend having at least a two-week supply of nonperishable, emergency food on hand for every person in your household, the optimal amount really depends upon who the food is for, where they live and their intended use for it. Many people like the peace of mind that comes with having a food supply that will cover them for many months or even years. Most emergency food supply companies sell buckets of meals and snacks with enough servings to cover specific amounts of time. Here is a look at some of the best emergency supply kits according to their duration:

Best 3-Month To Long-Term Emergency Food Supply

If you are faced with circumstances that require you to dig into your emergency food supply, chances are pretty good that flavor is not your number one priority. But if you are going to be eating emergency food for any extended amount of time, ideally, it would taste good. Emergency food and supply company Augason Farms delivers on that front with 24 surprisingly delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes featuring classic flavors like rice and beans, dinner bell broccoli, potato soup, hearty stroganoff, chili and macaroni, buttermilk pancakes and creamy wheat. The company even offers tasty desserts, chocolate milk and milk, which sets it apart from many of its competitors.

Best Emergency Food Supply by Price

The best emergency food supply for your budget depends on several factors, including how many people you will be feeding, how long you expect to be eating the emergency food, how much mealtime variety you want, and if you want complete coverage with meals and snacks and beverages, or you just want some side dishes or snacks to complement your existing survival stash. That said, Augason Farms has some of the lowest prices and one of the largest selections of emergency food on the market today with a collection of high quality products at very reasonable prices, making it a tremendous value.

How To Survive A Long-Term Power Outage Or Blackout

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